Sunday, July 31, 2011

Side Bar Advertising.

Hey all! I thought it would be a great idea to have a raffle of sorts to get one or two of our members up on the side bar of the blog for a little advertising! Since we are about to go into August and this needs to happen pretty quick, I have already put all of your names into a bowl and drawn out two lucky members! Next month we will do it more like a competition but for now...

The two lucky winners are SomeOtherPrairie and betsywynn!! Congrats!

Here are the instructions for getting an Etsy Mini:

1. Click"My Account" up at the top right of your Etsy screen
2. Under "Promotions" click "Etsy Mini"
3. Choose Items from my shop, Thumbnail, and then make it 2x3.
4. Copy and paste the code and send it to me in a convo!

I will get them up here as soon as I get them!

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